About us
Presenting the Romanticum

Take a look around and get to know us. You will find all important information about the Romanticum experience exhibition on this page: the contact person for your interactive visit and a description of the concept of our unique experience exhibition.

Contact person, background information and more

Your hosts at the Romanticum Koblenz

May we introduce ourselves? We are the Romanticum Koblenz - we are the people who give life to the exhibition and those who look forward to meeting you in person. We are your hosts and proud to welcome you to Koblenz. On this page we would like to introduce ourselves and, above all, the concept of the experience exhibition. Who are your contacts? Why an experience exhibition? And what else does Koblenz-Touristik have to offer? All these questions will be answered. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Tourist-Information team can be reached via phone at +49 261 1291610 and by e-mail at info@koblenz-touristik.de.

We are here for you - we promise!