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Great events at the Romanticum Koblenz experience exhibition

Laugh until it hurts, cry with emotions and experience pure joy - the Romanticum Koblenz is the perfect setting for great events. At the Romanticum, the magic of Rhine Romanticism meets Goethe and "Kowelenzer Rentner" ("Koblenz Seniors"). Cultural treats meet cabaret and steampunk. The offer of events at the Romanticum is as divers as the exhibition itself. Browse through our offer and secure your tickets for an unforgettable evening in Koblenz!

To us it is important that we offer events for everyone. From theatre to cabaret and concerts to readings - cultural enjoyment is guaranteed. Previous highlights, for example, were Willi and Ernst: two seniors from Koblenz who went searching for the secret of Rhine Romanticism in their very own way. The play "Goethes Fuß, un wer sonst noch alles su do wor" ("Goethe's foot, and who else was there") was developed exclusively for the Romanticum.

Night of the museums

in Koblenz

On Saturday, 2nd September 2023 the night of the museums is taking place again. From 7 pm until 1 am you can visit all museums and galleries in Koblenz.

The Romanticum is participating in the night of the museums one last time. That night we'll have Andreas Pacek with us.

Andreas Pacek, who is born in Neuwied on the rhine, is a photographer specialising in architecture, industrial motives and tourism. He especially focuses on the rhine river, which is very much reflected in his exhibitions and books. On his blog he takes his readers to the most beautiful places in Germany.

He is opening his exhibition 'Links und rechts des großen Stroms: Landschaften am Rhein' at the Romanticum once again - exclusively for visitors of the night of the museums.

Additionally he offers 15 minutes short smartphone photography workshops that night.

The admission to the night of the museums is 10 euros and includes all museums and galleries. It is available at all museums and galeries that participate or at the tourist-information in Koblenz.

The Romanticum makes steam

Previously every October the entire exhibition opened up for a special event.
In search of a world that has never been seen before, the steampunkers boarded the Romanticum ship and embarked on a turbulent, steam-powered journey back in time to the great age of steam engines, cylinders and Rhine mermaids. In the entire exhibition, visitors could encounter various great personalities from a fantastic alternative world. Among other things, Rhine Romanticism has been brought back to life. Meanwhile, you could enjoy the interactive exhibition.

Unfortunately, the series is not continuing for now

Event location in the heart of Koblenz

Are you looking for a location for an unforgettable event? Whether it's a reading, a theatre play or a small concert - the exhibition offers the perfect setting. Are you an artist looking for a way to present your art in style? Or are you looking for a show location for your ensemble? Please feel free to send us your ideas. If your art suits us, we will be happy to organise your event with you in the heart of Koblenz. Your contact person is Dagmar Pfeffer. You can reach her at +49 261 1291611.

The Tourist Information team will be happy to answer all your questions about planned events and tickets. Your hosts can be reached by phone at  +49 261 1291610 and by e-mail at

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