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A special place for special events: the Romanticum Koblenz experience exhibition offers much more than an interactive journey into the history of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site. The Romanticum is also a place of culture. The special setting provides the perfect backdrop for cultural delights. From theatre to readings - browse through our calendar of events and secure your tickets for an unforgettable evening in Koblenz:

Willi and Ernst in the Romanticum - "Goethes Fuß, un wer sonst noch alles su do wor" ("Goethe's foot, and who else was there")

(Rhine) romantic play with Willi and Ernst .... and lots of fun.

Willi and Ernst discover the Rhine Romanticism in 2021 as well. In the play specially staged for the Romanticum setting, the two seniors from Koblenz go in search of clues.
Rhenish history and romantic stories.
Let us surprise you!

The dates 2021:

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Steampunk Event at the Romanticum - on 24 October 2021

Adventure! Romance! Science! In search of a world that has never been seen before, the steampunkers board the "Romanticum" ship and go on a turbulent, steam-powered journey back in time to the great age of steam engines, cylinders and Rhine mermaids. In all the rooms of the Romanticum, visitors will encounter various great personalities from a fantastic alternative world. Among other things, Rhine Romanticism will be brought to new life.

Meanwhile, you can be amazed by the interactive exhibition.

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Secure your tickets now and look forward to an unforgettable cultural experience in Koblenz. Information and tickets for the events are available at the Tourist Information. You can reach them by phone at +49 261 129 1610, as well as at First Level Support Axel Hahn. You can reach him by telephone at +49 261 129 1618.

Your exclusive event at the Romanticum

Are you looking for a special venue for your cultural event in Koblenz? The Romanticum offers you the perfect setting for an unforgettable event. Whether it's a reading, theatre or a small concert - the exhibition offers the right setting. First Level Support Axel Hahn will be happy to help you plan your event in Koblenz. He can be reached by telephone at +49 261 129 1618.


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Leider müssen wir unsere Ausstellung ab dem 01.04.2021 wieder temporär schließen.

Sobald es die Corona-Verordnung wieder zulässt freuen wir uns, Sie wieder im Romanticum begrüßen zu dürfen.

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