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To be discovered once again at home

Your Romanticum - a unique interactive experience exhibition on the Middle Rhine for the whole family. Let the various exhibition elements inspire you and let the adventure begin. Take the exhibition with you: With the Romanticum card you can review the day again at home.

The experience exhibition in Koblenz

An interactive journey through time in the UNESCO Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site

Are you ready? Have you packed your spirit of discovery, your thirst for adventure and your imagination? Then you're ready to go. Welcome to our virtual and interactive steamship! Cast off and head for new shores. Set sail in our 800-square-metre museum of a different kind, discover the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Become part of the Romanticum Koblenz experience exhibition and get up close to the legendary Loreley.

As a passenger on an imaginary steamship, you will experience the UNESCO Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site in a unique way. At more than 70 interactive stations, you become a historian, explorer or conqueror. Sofas speak, armchairs read poems, spotlights tell legends and cameras reveal the stories of castles and palaces.

Get on board for a voyage of discovery

On your trip, you will become real world heritage experts. Experience how the Rhine, the wine and the Loreley have created and shaped the region. In this interactive exhibition, you can sail through 5 independent, differently designed exhibition rooms and find interesting and exciting facts about the UNESCO Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage region at 70 hands-on stations.

In the lounge you will meet famous people who also boarded the steamer for this voyage. Karl Baedecker, Queen Victoria and Clemens Brentano will tell you what adventures they have had on and along the Rhine.

In the ship's hold you will find information for your next bike tour or hike in this beautiful area. You are in for a real treat - insider tips for routes with the most spectacular panoramas, with plenty of room for family adventures and real places of longing for romantics. The further you go the more you get to know the region. For example, did you know why wine from the Rhine is so popular? It's so much more than the grapes, the soil and the work of the winegrowers. Find out!

From the inside of the ship you can go out onto the deck - don't worry, as a guest you don't have to scrub it, of course. You will be amazed by the many castles and palaces along the Rhine. Embark on a journey through time and meet kings, knights and maids. Has your imagination been awakened? Then you can let your creativity flow and build your own castle right away.

You can also learn all about the unique flora and fauna of the Middle Rhine Valley and take a look inside a sailor‘s cabin. Perhaps he will tell you something about his work on such a large Rhine ship.

A visit to the Romanticum Koblenz experience exhibition is a unique experience as it is a museum of a special kind: captivating, emotional and an adventure for all senses.

Hands-on - at more than 70 interactive stations

The Romanticum Koblenz is much more than a museum – this is why we follow the principle: "Touch, don't just look". More than 70 hands-on stations turn the exhibition into an interactive experience. Sing the Loreley song at the karaoke bar in the hull of our steamer, take a silhouette of yourself and your family or use our castle camera to get more information about the numerous castles and palaces on the banks of the Rhine. This makes the exhibition an adventure for both, small explorers and big adventurers. There is something to experience at every turn on the virtual steamboat tour. Press the buttons and immerse yourself in times that are long gone, open the flaps and dare to take a look at the secret corners of the Middle Rhine Valley, or listen to the voices in the handsets: they will enchant you - check it out.

Are you ready for a ride on the interactive steamer? Then book your ticket for the Romanticum Koblenz experience exhibition now and start an exciting trip through the UNESCO Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site today.

By the way: a visit to the Romanticum is perfect for a day out with children - and not only when it's raining. A family trip to this unique museum in Koblenz is always worth it.

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