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Your virtual journey through the Middle Rhine Valley begins here

Participate and touch instead of looking and keeping your distance

Get on board the virtual ship and step into adventure. The Romanticum Koblenz experience exhibition is much more than just a museum. Here, history and knowledge become an unforgettable event. A trip to the exhibition in the heart of Koblenz is something very special, and just in bad weather. Come along on a magical voyage of discovery and experience what makes the World Heritage Site so unique and beautiful.

You will discover five different areas as you move through the exhibition. Each room focuses on a different theme that characterises the region and has been given a great deal of attention to detail. Learning here becomes an experience for the senses. For the Upper Middle Rhine World Heritage Site not only shines with unique panoramas, the murmur of the Rhine and the wind that caresses your skin on the towers of the castles and palaces, but also with a unique taste. It is not for no reason that the wine from the region is in demand far beyond the country's borders.

A new adventure awaits you in every room. Among other things, you suddenly become part of the exhibition yourself. How does that work? With a silhouette. The old art form brings an area to new life here. Make a silhouette of yourself and then have yourself exhibited. Sounds crazy? We promise: it's worth it.

This is how the Loreley sounds - Karaoke in the Romanticum

„Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten,
dass ich so traurig bin;
ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten,
das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.“

[‟I do not know what it means
That I should feel so sad;
There is a tale from bygone days
that I cannot get out of my mind.”]

Many people know the Song of the Loreley. It has been reinterpreted and set to music countless times over the past 200 years. Heinrich Heine would probably not have expected that his poem would still be a topic in many school classes and families today in 1824. It is even sung daily in the karaoke bar on the imaginary Rhine steamer of the Romanticum. You too can demonstrate your singing talent here. Alone, in a duet or as a family band - have fun! By the way: the best known is the Loreley song with a melody once written by Friedrich Silcher. You can also hear the other versions in the karaoke bar.

The dream of your own castle

In the Romanticum Koblenz experience exhibition, a real childhood dream becomes reality: at the castle easel, you can have your castle built and design it as you wish. In the castle hunt, you shoot down the castles at the Rhine Theatre. Who will win the most castles? See how it works in the video.

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Flora and Fauna Experience Wall

You will learn about the entire animal and plant world of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in a playful way in the Romanticum: our adventure wall invites you to try things out with many levers, buttons and flaps. Short explanations bring even the youngest visitors closer to the nature and culture around the Rhine in Koblenz. Curiosity wins, because behind each door you will discover interesting facts about the fauna and flora of the region.

Would you like to embark on the exciting interactive journey into World Heritage? Then book your tickets right away and look forward to an eventful day with us in Koblenz.


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