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Participate, experience and learn: the Romanticum Koblenz experience exhibition is not an ordinary museum. Imagination, a spirit of discovery and a sense of adventure are needed. The journey on our interactive and virtual steamer offers you a variety of information. To enable you to retrieve this information again at home we offer you the opportunity to save information from the exhibition on your admission ticket at a total of 30 exhibits and retrieve it later at home or on the road.

The My Romanticum card, that you get when you enter the exhibition, is easy to use. Just hold your My Romanticum card in front of the compass on each station that is equipped with the compass. The information is stored on the card when it flashes twice. You can access the information from the comfort of your sofa at home and review the day in a cosy atmosphere by scanning the QR code or browsing the link. We have created a short internet page just for you, on which your individually collected content is stored after the visit.

Our sailor in the entrance area will explain in a detailed video how this works. So dive into the adventure and gather all the information you need about Koblenz and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

How the My Romanticum Card works

An interactive experience for the whole family

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Move your mouse over the castle wall. Can you find all the castles?