The Romanticum is accessible for people with impairments and was officially certified in 2022 by the ‘Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH’.

The exhibition is accessible for people with mobility impairments, as well as wheelchair users and partly for people with hearing impairments. The Romanticum is also perfectly accessible for parents with push chairs, people with walkers and walking sticks.

To make your visit as comfortable as possible you can find information about the accessibility on this page.

How to get to us:

Official parking spaces for people with impairments are available in the car park of the Shoppingcenter Forum Mittelrhein on Luisenstraße or the Schängelcenter on Clemenstraße.

The exhibition is in the building Forum Confluentes, which is accessible on ground level. To enter the Romanticum you have to go through the Tourist-Information. There is a lift that takes you downstairs to the Romanticum in the basement.

People with heavy disabilities (over 50%) get a discounted price of 5 euros. Assistants of people with classification B in their disability card get free entry.

During your visit:

There is a wheelchair accessible toilet in the basement of the Forum Confluentes. The lockers of the Romanticum are also located there.

In the exhibition you got various possibilities to sit down and relax.

Unfortunately, the exhibition does not have tactile labels or a floor guidance system.

If you have further questions about your visit, you are welcome to contact our Visitor Support Kim Viola Färber at +49 261 1291608 or .